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a)Quotes given are valid for a total of 90 days.

b)A £100 non refundable deposit for customisable designs and the full design fee for semi custom and bespoke orders is payable before any design or illustration work will be carried out for the client

c) It is the policy of Rosy Creates for the balance to be paid in full upon receipt of your final invoice and before any printing commences




a) At time of accepting the orderRosy Creates will provide a ‘Worktimeline’ to the client, showing all stages that need to be completed and dates approvals needed before their order goes to print. This is to keep orders on track for the agreed deadline. If the final date on the timeline passes due to late approvals and confirmations from the client then a rush order fee may be applied.

b)Delivery charge of your goods from Rosy Creates to your intended address will be added at time of issuing your final invoice and this will not be included in any prior quote. 

c)Delivery will be via Royal Mail and the type of delivery will be discussed and confirmed with the client at time of issuing the final invoice and will depend on the clients individual deadlines. 

d)Once an order is dispatched if any delay to the delivery occurs the responsibility lies with the client along with the method of delivery selected.



a)Both Rosy Creates and the client reserve the right to cancel the order at any point during the design process up until the point at which the item(s) are sent to print. Rosy Creates must be paid in full for any work carried out up until this point.

b)Any faults or errors must be communicated to Rosy Creates in writing within 3 days from point of delivery and the faulty element returned to us at the clients cost. 

c)Rosy Creates will issue a part/full refund or replace the fault if responsibility of this lies with Rosy Creates or the printer. 

d)Refunds cannot be issued due to client input or errors missed at time of confirming the order. When final proofs are approved the client is accepting responsibility that everything is correct and as they require. If errors are discovered post proof approval stage then, Rosy Creates holds the right to charge for any reprinting required.



a)Printing variations will occur between what you see on screen, what you print out on your home or office printer and the final item we supply. This is due to screen resolution variation between computers and home printer not being accurate to CMYK or RGB print colours. Printer proofs are available for a cost per item and are advised especially if you are colour matching to a specific colour. Cost will be confirmed at time of enquiry as it will vary depending on item to print.

b)Very minor differences in colour or positioning can occur from the sample proof provided. If these differences are considered within commercial tolerance by Rosy Creates and print partners this will not constitute a fault or refund.




a)All orders include up to three rounds of amends. Additional amends or changes outside of this will be charged at £35 per hour. 

b)All illustrations and text must be reviewed carefully and feedback given clearly and concisely before amends will take place. 

c)Rosy Creates takes up to two working days to turn around each round of amends. This time is included in the ’work timeline’ provided to the client at point of confirming your order completion date. 

d)If more than three rounds of amends have been made then Rosy Creates will attempt to keep to the original timelines, however at this point will not be responsible for missing this deadline.

e)All work timelines confirmed by Rosy Creates are confirmed based on client feedback on amends and revisions taking no more than two days. If the client takes longer than this Rosy Creates cannot be held responsible for any delays.



a)Rosy Tanner holds the copyright for all designs on Rosy Creates website and any designs created during the design process for a client.

b)Rosy Creates retains the right to re-use all designs they create to promote their product and services 

c)The client does not have the right to use the artwork for any type of marketing unless directly related to their wedding/ event, without prior permission from Rosy Creates

d)The client does not have the right to re use, re print or sell any elements of the designs created for their event and will be breaking copyright infringements if they do so.

e)As holder of the copyright Rosy Creates has the right to re use any elements of designs created for a client without prior notice, however Rosy Creates will not re use or re sell exact designs created specifically for a client until the wedding / event date has passed.


a)In the event of a failure by either Rosy Creates or the Client to carry out their obligations due to something beyond their reasonable control, the party will advise the other party as soon as is reasonably practical and the parties obligations will be suspended for as long as is reasonable. Provided they act reasonably, the party will not be liable for any failure it could not reasonably avoid. This will not effect the clients rights relating to delivery or their right to cancel.

b)Circumstances beyond reasonable control include but are not limited to; natural disasters, accidents, illness, family illness, death or bereavement.



a)Rosy Creates has the right to change or add to these terms and conditions at any reasonable time without prior notice. In this event Rosy Creates must publish them on the Rosy Creates website and send to a client who has already commissioned work.



a)The client can confirm agreement to the terms and conditions printed on the website or sent out directly to them by making payment to confirm your order with Rosy Creates.

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